Mark O’Connell Website

Role: UX/Visual Designer

Mark O’Connell who are a musician and video artist needs his website to showcase his art and music. Put me to develop and launch Mark O’Connell website. Collaborating closely with the Artist, the needs was to the site to be responsive and easy to update the site. Since he has a host, the site is using WordPress, and I’ve adjusted the theme files.

Mark O'connell

How to Add Drop shadow

Adding a drop shadow

Role: Video creator and editor

In busy holiday season, there were many designers to join our team, and the team needs to train junior designers to align Amazon design standard. My responsibility was to create this how to video to ensure anyone can create high quality graphics with any products to streamline in team production.

Muto Ramen

Muto Ramen webiste
Muto Ramen webiste

Role:Web Designer
Responsible for developing responsive websites, understanding business needs and customizing Bootstrap templates based on the information customers need.

Amazon Display Advertising

Amazon Ad display placements

Role: Lead Visual Designer

My responsibilities were to supervise the art direction for web advertisement creative team and establish production guidelines and design specs to maintain high production quality. Creating various client digital advertising graphics which align with strict Amazon Digital Advertising guideline and clients’ branding guideline to present seamlessly both guidelines.